On 13 April the IACAB has adopted its recommendations on how to ensure competent, impartial, and effective collection and verification of public officials’ e-declarations. These recommendations have been drafted within the framework of preparation of the second IACAB’s expert Opinion. Dates and format of the presentation and distribution is to be further agreed.

The adoption of the recommendations regarding the asset declaration system in Ukraine has taken place during the IACAB’s visit to Ukraine on 12-13 April 2018. The Board held extensive discussions with the representatives of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on Corruption prevention and Counteraction, as well as other Committees and met with the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Ms Oksana Syroid in order to identify the possible ways for further strengthening the Parliament’s oversight of the reform implementation and its capacity to scrutinise and improve the strategic legislative framework.

During the visit the Board has also held extensive internal discussions aimed at identifying tools and possible ways of engagement with the stakeholders within IACAB’s mandate. In particular, the Board has adopted the new concept for work of IACAB, based on a process driven approach and drafted the engagement action plan. Members of the Board have also identified possible areas of interest for follow up actions, including NABU’s technical assessment done by international experts and follow up on issues around the activity of NABU covered in the first opinion.The further action plan with dates is to be developed by the Board.


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