International Anti-Corruption Advisory Board was created to assist the Parliamentary Committee on Preventing and Countering Corruption by the following:

  • Provide expertise in anti-corruption legislative initiatives and improve compliance of implementation of anticorruption reforms in Ukraine
  • Monitor and assess current anti-corruption policy and legislative framework
  • Provide expertise in strengthening organizational capacities of the Parliamentary Committee
  • Assess the entire process of investigation, prosecution and adjudication in cases related to top-corruption.

IACAB is composed of 7 world- known anti-corruption experts, former members of state anti-corruption agencies of other countries, academics or officers of international organizations:

  • 1. Carlos Castresana
  • 2. Anca Jurma
  • 3. Giovanni Kessler
  • 4. Drago Kos
  • 5. Daniel Thelesklaf
  • 6. Jesper Hjortenberg

IACAB outputs:

  • Sectoral reports on implementation of existing anti-corruption policy and legislative framework
  • Recommendations for the follow up actions aimed at the improvement of implementation track record of anti-corruption policy and legislative framework
  • Assessment of selected draft laws under the scrutiny of the Committee or having direct implication for anti-corruption efforts of Ukraine
  • Recommendations and support of the capacity development of the Parliamentary Committee